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Wow! There continues to be so much excitement and energy in the Shaklee family. In May of 2004 Roger Barnett purchased Shaklee Corporation. He promised to make it a 5 Billion dollar company in 50 countries within the next 10 years. His past success rate has been 100%. This is the ideal time to look at the Shaklee Opportunity.

Laurel Hummel is taking advantage of this new opportunity by building her business. She is working to become a new director. Congratulations, Laurel. Your belief in the products and in yourself will be realized!

We are always looking for people who would like to start a home based business with this great opportunity. Give us a call if you'd like to take a look at this explosive opportunity. 520-625-2298

Health is Shaklee's main concern and true to form they have introduced some wonderful health producing supplements and household cleaning products.

Take a look at Shaklee's unique, cutting edge Anti-aging tonic (VIVIX), convenient supplementation packet (VITALIZER), Immune support supplement (NUTRIFERON), weight management system (CINCH) that will allow you to lose inches and yet maintain muscle mass. Also, check out Shaklee's new and improved totally safe and effective household cleaners that are presented in the Get Clean system.